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Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show

Yesterday was quite an adventure for Corey and I!

Somehow, I was able to convince Corey to go with me to the Orlando Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show.  OK, that’s a lie- I agreed to write a 9-page essay for him if he went.  Whatever works!  We haven’t gone to any bridal shows yet, and I’ve always been curious as to what exactly goes on at these popular things.

When we showed up, we registered and paid the entry fee, which ended up only being $10 for both of us (as opposed to the $20 we were expecting to spend).  I was pretty excited when they gave us “Bride” and “Groom” stickers!

Corey was just as excited, I’m sure.

When we walked in, there were brides everywhere.  Many came with their bridesmaids, Moms, or their Maid-of-Honor’s.  I knew this because most girls were wearing shirts that said what their role was!

There were a few large rooms set up that had displays of formal wear for the men, and a place to try on samples of wedding gowns for the women.

Another room, called the “Reception Room”, was set up to display several different examples of tables with centerpieces and place settings.  They were extravagant, to say the least.

We stood in line to grab a sample of ice cream from a company called Three2OH, which specialized in liquid nitrogen recipes!

We both agreed that this ice cream was pretty fabulous- it was much creamier than normal ice cream.  I wanted to finish every bite, but Corey made me throw it away so we could go into the next room!  How rude.

The main room had hundreds of booths set up, and I was already in heaven when we walked in and saw the first one.

I still don’t know exactly what the booth was advertising, but I was obsessed with the shiny balls that were hanging down!  I’m really into special lighting and, well, anything shiny.

We walked around perusing the different booths, and, my favorite part, tasting a thousand a few cake samples!  One of our favorites was by a place called Sprinkles, which I have always told Corey is my dream place to have a cake made, simply because I love the name!  I’m tough to please, aren’t I?  Look at how adorable this cupcake is that they had on display:

Several vendors were handing out samples of real food, which we were happy to have after all the sugar.

One of my favorite vendors was handing out samples of their custom-made chocolates, which I think would make great favors for guests.

We entered several drawings throughout the day, but I never get my hopes up for that kind of stuff, because, well, I’ve never won anything in my life!  I was excited when I got a phone call today saying our names had been drawn for a “bridal package” from one of the vendors!  The only catch was that they wanted us to go for a meeting at a hotel pretty far from us to watch a culinary demonstration, and then we could pick one of two prizes- free wedding bands from a website (don’t get too excited, they were hideous) or 2 nights free stay at a certain hotel.  After some further deliberation, and talking to Kelly, who got the same phone call, I decided it was too sketchy.  Oh, well- it was fun to think I won something, even if just for a few minutes!

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