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Yogurt Perfection


Yesterday morning started the way our semi-new Wednesday routine does these days- with BodyPump!

Waking up at 5:00AM is probably never going to get any easier for me, even when I’m 80 (I hear you wake up at like 4AM at that age.)  However, I’ve discovered a little trick that many of you may not be aware of…it’s called coffee.

I normally head out the door half asleep on Wednesdays, without eating or drinking anything before my workout.  I decided it might help to have a little caffeine, so I set the timer on the coffee pot for 5AM, and grabbed a thermos to-go.

3 Cheers for Caffeine!

If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s kind of difficult for me to fully open my eyes and/or smile in the morning.

After BodyPump, I was in the mood to run.  Since that never happens, I took advantage of it and got on a treadmill.  I started out by running for 10 minutes at 6.0, and doing some intervals which can be seen here.


I toasted half of a whole wheat bagel thin and topped it with peanut butter, and served it alongside my new obsession- Fage Greek Yogurt with Honey! 

Oh, and more coffee!

I’ve actually had this yogurt before, but I forgot to rave about it, so I’m doing it now!  I normally eat Chobani as my Greek yogurt of choice because it has a little more flavor than Fage, but these new little combinations are rocking my world.  Yogurt perfection, in my opinion.  Truthfully, it’s the honey that makes me the happiest.  It feels like dessert!


During one of my study breaks, I decided to do a little roastin’ and toastin’.  I sliced up a sweet potato and made some sweet potato fries, and I also roasted kale.

Roasting kale sort of “dehydrates” it, and I’ve seen many bloggers use the result as a substitute for potato chips!  This was actually my intention, but I ended up burning most of it.  Instead, I spread the rest of my artichoke dip onto a toasted whole wheat sandwich thin, and topped it with tomato slices and the roasted kale that survived the oven.

While searching for some tupperware to put the leftover sweet potato fries in, I discovered that I have a lot of work to do before we move.  Mainly, solving this problem:

Guess which top goes with the container in the middle?  NONE OF THEM.

Later on, I needed some brain power before my exam, so I searched for something to munch on.  I then discovered another storage problem:

If you’re trying to save pantry space, it’s probably wise to combine a single almond into a container with four almonds.

Since I was clearly on a caffeine kick yesterday, I also made myself a ginormous iced coffee!


Guess what made yet another return?

Pollo Tropical!  I had half of my usual Chicken and Veggie Tropichop, and it wasn’t that great.  I was too tired to care.

Do you have tupperware with a million different lids?  How does it happen?!

Monday Night Tradition

Well, this may not be the best way to kick off the documentation of my healthy meals, but, hey- I said I would document it all- the good, the bad and the fattening.

Mondays are always tough.  Corey has class until 8PM, and I don’t usually get back from my own class until 9:30PM.  By the time I walk in the door, the last thing I feel like doing is making dinner.  This is why Corey started a little Monday-night tradition for the two of us.  Drum roll please…

Pollo Tropical and The Bachelor!

Please don’t feel intimidated by our upscale classiness.

My meal looked like this:

Chicken, yellow rice and veggie TropiChop

I normally get the smaller size, but Corey accidentally got me a large this time.  I definitely could’ve scarfed the whole thing down because I was famished, but I maintained slight self control and split it down the middle.  I saved the other half in the fridge.

Bad at fractions or just really hungry?

To be fair, the smaller size of this meal at Pollo Tropical is pretty low-calorie.  It has around 330 calories.

Later on, I may or may not have had a bowl of Publix Premium No Sugar Added Light Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with half of a crumbled, whole-wheat chocolate chip muffin that I made earlier in the week!

I was planning to post the recipe for the muffins, but they actually turned out to be pretty crappy.  They’ve only been successful as an ice-cream topping.

Now that my hunger and sweet tooth has been satisfied, onto more important things:

King of Romance or Total Tool?

While I’m happy that Michelle is gone, I will definitely miss the crazy that she brought to the show.  But, seriously, Brad needs to just get down to it and send everyone home so he and Emily can start their perfect life together!


Who are you rooting for on this season of the Bachelor?

And for an extra important question from my co-commentator and Bachelor expert, Corey:

Will Emily say “yes” to the fantasy suite next week?!

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