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I Made the “Best Birthday Cake Ever”…and it was!

I’m still trying to get a camera in my life so I can get back to bloggin’, but until then, I think pictures of this baby should hold you guys over for a few more days:

"I'm the BEST!"

My fiance’s birthday was December 5th, and I was determined to throw him a surprise party.  Why? Because he hates surprise parties, of course.  I just had to find out how much he hated them :D.  I convinced him that he should go to our friend’s house to watch a football game without me because I didn’t feel well…but really, I was running around town picking up things for the party!  I decided that although I am not the best baker, I would try to tackle a fabulous birthday cake.  None of this boxed stuff for me!  I googled recipes with the search terms “best-birthday-cake”, and to my surprise, a recipe with that exact title popped up!  I clicked on over to Smitten Kitchen and CAREFULLY followed the directions.  It was messy, I was sweaty, but the end result was well worth it.  I was proud of my very first homemade birthday cake, and it will definitely be a recipe I use for many birthdays to come!  P.S. My favorite part is obviously the amazing little colorful stars around the edge!  How adorbs?!


Cutie B-day Boy

I learned two things on this particular day:

1.  I actually can bake.

2.  I actually cannot throw successful surprise parties.

Our friends Laura and Austin were nice enough to host the party, but, somehow, the guest list dwindled and Corey was less than surprised.  We still had a great night and everyone enjoyed the cake.

*Note*: This recipe will not keep you fit and fabulous.  However, if you eat the whole cake, you’ll probably be well on your way to becoming “the fat funny girl”.  There’s always a bright side, my friends.

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