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House Hunting


Yet another mid-week meal scrounged together because we haven’t been to the grocery store yet.  I sure can get creative!

Fortunately, chocolate peanut butter oatmeal saved the day!  I microwaved 1/2 cup Quick Cooking Oats with water, stirred in 1/2 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and 1/2 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder.  If only I had a banana…


After breakfast, I headed to the gym.  I did 15-minutes on the elliptical before heading into a BodyPump class.  I heard a rumor that a new release is out, but I think my gym is behind the times.  I officially know all the words to the songs, so I’m ready for the new one!


After the gym and running some errands (including grocery shopping!), I was more than ready for lunch.

I threw together a lovely salad that included:

-Organicgirl 50/50!


-Baby Carrots


-Feta cheese

-Organicville Sesame Goddess Dressing

On the side, I had a bowl of cherries.

Oh, how I love when cherries are on sale!

In other news, Corey and I have gotten into quite a routine the past few weeks.  After work, Corey scoops me up and we drive around to look at houses!

When we moved out of our apartment and into our current place, we knew the move was temporary.  Just how temporary, we weren’t sure.  After some serious consideration, Corey and I decided that it would be ideal for us to buy a house before our wedding in November.  So, the search is on!

Last night, we met with our realtor after work to look at some potential homes.  Now I know why they call it house hunting– if you don’t pounce on the one you want immediately, it’s gone!

We made a list of “deal-breakers”, which include:

-No backyard

-On a busy street

-2 bedrooms/1 bathroom

-LOTS of work needed


Corey’s parents invited us to dinner, so we met them at Antonio’s.  I ordered the Grilled Salmon Salad:

It was delicious, and made me wonder…why is it so hard to order something healthy like this when you go to a restaurant?  I never regret it when I’m finished!

You can read about our previous visit to Antonio’s here.

If you were buying a house, what would be a deal-breaker for you?  


Comments on: "House Hunting" (2)

  1. House hunting is hard! My husband would want to underbid the asking price by a couple thousand and we’d lose the house. We offered what the bank was asking and finally got our house! We said no to older houses, less than 3/2, that were too close together. The house we finally bought had been empty 2 years and had…no lie..100 dead roaches and an ant hill in it!

    Good luck! Go with your gut!

    • Haha, I’m psycho about bugs so I probably would’ve freaked! I’m definitely nervous about losing one just because we wanted to underbid…I’ll pass your advice onto Corey 🙂

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