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A few weeks ago, Corey bought a Groupon for $40 to Funky Monkey Wine Company in Downtown Orlando.  Don’t let the name deceive you- it’s a fancy shmancy place!

We attempted to use our Groupon last week, but the restaurant wasn’t taking it until the following day, which was quite a wallet stinger for us.  However, we were determined to get our money’s worth, so we made reservations for Friday night.

Before dinner, we decided to stop by Hot Olives for a happy hour drink and an appetizer.

We ordered the calamari to share, which turned out to be delicious.

The calamari was freshly made and came with a great wasabi dipping sauce that we both enjoyed.

When we arrived at Funky Monkey, we were greeted by our waiter and given a complimentary bowl of edamame.

I wish every restaurant would catch on to this trend- soy beans are much better than a big basket of bread!

Thanks to our last visit, we knew better than to waste our precious Groupon dollars on their very expensive wine list, so we stuck with what we know- beer!

I sipped on a Sierra Nevada while browsing the menu.  Thanks to our waiter’s recommendation, we decided to start with the Stuffed Avocado appetizer.

My only complaint about this is that I wish there were multiple avocados on the plate!  The avocado was filled with Ahi tuna mixed in eel sauce and spicy mayo, served on a bed of sushi rice.  We inhaled it!

For our meal, we decided to share the Drunken Sea Scallops.

I love scallops, so this was an easy choice.  They were perfectly seared, served with lobster mashed potatoes (yes, LOBSTER mashed potatoes!) and big asparagus spears, all swimming in a rich sauce.  Corey may or may not have attempted to drink the sauce off his plate when he was finished.

We enjoyed everything about our date at Funky Monkey Wine Company.  If you’re in the Orlando area and looking for real gourmet food, that’s the place to go!

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