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Going Raw

So, what the heck have I been up to the last 2 weeks?


I’ve done lots of wedding-related things, but I am planning to dedicate a post to each step of the way, so stay tuned for details!

Going Raw

Corey and I got a subscription to Netflix, and we have been in documentary-heaven lately!  (Nerd alert) We came across one called Food Matters, and we decided to give it a whirl.

Basically, the documentary described the problems that exist within our country when it comes to nutrition and people’s health.  There is a clear link between eating organically-grown, natural foods and staying illness-free.  The documentary went on to show case studies where cancer patients were treated with nutrition and vitamin therapy, meaning they were given a diet of raw, whole foods, and also consumed huge amounts of vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Niacin.  The case studies showed patients with giant tumors that disappeared after months of this therapy, without the assistance of prescription drugs or chemotherapy.

If you think about it, the prescription-drug industry creates billions of dollars, because we are told that we “need” medicine to feel better.  The truth is, natural foods and vitamins are medicine, and if we made it a priority to eat the right way, we would feel the right way, too.

I am not one to try and push my views about eating on other people, because I know that eating healthy, no matter to what degree, is a personal choice.  However, this documentary really struck a chord with both Corey and I, and we decided that we really want to make an effort to incorporate more whole foods, as well as a vitamin regimen, into our daily lives.

The reason the raw food movement is called “raw” is because a lot of studies have been done that show that cooking vegetables above a certain temperature kills the important enzymes that are the whole reason you’re supposed to eat vegetables in the first place!

Here are some small changes I have made to better align myself with the raw food movement:

-Every morning, before consuming anything (including coffee), I chug at least 16 oz. of water.  Water is a natural “irrigation” system for your body, and drinking it first thing in the morning helps to immediately flush your body of toxins and waste.

-Every night before bed (after eating something), I take vitamins.  I plan to add more to my regimen, but as of right now, this includes 1000mg of Vitamin C, 1000mg of Niacin, and 1000mg of Flaxseed Oil

-At least 2 meals per day must be 80% raw.  This means the bulk of a meal is in the form of veggies, nuts or grains

I am the first person to admit that “diets” or any type of restricted eating have never worked for me- they actually cause me to sabotage myself!  When I know I “can’t” have something, that means I HAVE to have it!  Therefore, I’m not going to say that this is how I’m definitely going to eat 100% of the time, because I have always felt that life is all about enjoying the indulgences it has to offer.  But, I am a big believer in the science behind this, and I think it does a body good to go “raw” in any way that you can!

Here are some examples of my latest raw meals:


Fage Greek Yogurt with Honey and fresh blueberries.



Chopped Romaine lettuce, carrots, green pepper, tomato, hardboiled eggwhite, and avocado, topped with organic dressing.


Grilled shrimp on a bed of chopped fresh Romaine lettuce, zucchini, broccoli and onions.


What do you think about eating “raw”?  

Comments on: "Going Raw" (3)

  1. Watch out on the NiACIN – it can be toxic to alot of people, can also give heart palpations, etc – I agree that everything in moderation is good – eating alot of veggies and fruit should be a way of life for all – good luch with the changes – you will find that you love it!! I do!! Try subsitution mango as your fruit with the shrimp – for dressing use Kraft 3 cheese reduced fat – also use Sargento 4 cheese (reduced fat of course) – it makes a very yummy salad!

  2. […] comment Coming up with healthy and quick lunch ideas can sometimes be a pain in the butt.  After my new pledge to incorporate more raw foods into my meals, I decided that the best option for lunches is an […]

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