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Moving Day

If there is one thing in this world that I have become an expert at, it’s moving.

In the last 5 years, I have moved a total of seven times.  The result? I have basically no earthly possessions left.  There’s always a certain point in packing where I just start throwing anything and everything into a trash bag.

The biggest purge I ever went through was at the end of my junior year, when I moved out of my friend Katie’s house and into a house with Corey and two other roommates.  I had a small breakdown as I tossed all of my most girly and adorable things into the trash.  There’s no place for pink and sequins in a room that a boy sleeps in.

To give you a better idea of my personal style, here are some pictures of my room when I lived in my sorority house:

I can assure you our room would still look like this if Corey would let me.

Alas, I had to grow up.  Out with the pink, in with the grown-up neutral tones.

Our new place isn’t picture-ready yet, but here’s a look at our old apartment, to hold ya over:


We spent about 6 hours on Saturday packing boxes, carrying them down the stairs, loading up the car, unpacking the car at the new place, and driving back to the old place…aren’t you jealous?

At some point, I felt like no matter how much I put in the car, I wasn’t even making a dent.

I ate a slice of leftover artichoke and mushroom pizza (a post-finals treat from Corey) to power me through the packing of the kitchen:


When I got to the bathroom, I came across some finds that are worth mentioning…my collection of “magic” diet pills.

Sadly, this isn’t even a quarter of all the diet pills, books, kits, shakes, etc., that I’ve tried throughout my life.  For the first time, in all seven of my moves, guess where all these bottles of LIES went?


That’s right.  Into the trash.  Hooray for never having to be on a diet ever again!  I ❤ healthy living.

Eventually, everything was into the new place, and we were so relieved.  We showered and Corey’s parents took us to dinner at Outback.  I ordered the Outback Special- 6 oz filet with crab cakes, that turned out to be the size of quarters, but were still delicious, and french green beans.

We were exhausted at the end of the day, but we are very happy in our new home.

How many times have you moved in your life?

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  1. BAH! I know the feeling. Ever since I came to UCF in 2005, I have moved AT LEAST every year. Every single time I’ve moved, I’ve said, “this is the last time I’m moving!” Yeah right. Too bad there are too many unforeseen circumstances such as foreclosures and slutty roommates that cause more than one move a year. 😦 Before I came to UCF, no joke, I had moved 12 times. My dad was in the Army, so we moved to a different state, country, whatever at the MOST every two years. It’s so strange that I’ve been in Orlando for almost six years! That’s triple the amount of time I’ve ever lived anywhere! How do you guys like the new place so far?

    • holyyyy crap! 12?! I bet you know what I mean by throwing everything away. We like it a lot- it’s just temporary, so I’m not looking forward to the next move!

  2. I don’t envy you at all for seven moves in five years! I just moved a couple of times recently, and it really is a pain in the gooloo! We are anticipating another move, so most of our stuff remains in boxes…that means our kitchen consists of all paper plates and plastic silverware. Classy!
    And yay for you throwing out all the diet pills!!! I have taken my share of those silly things and I’ve come to despise them! Good for you!!!

    • Haha, don’t worry, we’re eating off plasticware, too!

      Yes, I wish I could get all the money back that I wasted on those stupid things…I’d be rich!

  3. […] we moved out of our apartment and into our current place, we knew the move was temporary.  Just how temporary, we weren’t […]

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