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Sunday in the Sun

My Sunday was spent mainly in the sun.  My embarrassing sunburn is proof of that!


We slept in a little later than we usually do on Sundays.  Our friends spent the night, so we decided to skip the morning church service and go to the later one at night.  I really wanted pancakes again, but opted for the lazier choice of a toasted whole wheat bagel thin with peanut butter.

I enjoyed several shots of Patron instead of my usual morning coffee.

Juuust kidding, people.  No need to call Betty Ford on me just yet.

Corey and I decided it was a great day to go for a long walk.  We took Bella with us for a 2.5 mile loop around the neighborhood.  I forgot my camera, which always happens when there’s a lot of things that I wish I had a camera to take pictures of.  We stopped at the dog park and had several good laughs at our pathetic animal hiding under our legs from all the other “real” dogs, as Corey puts it.


After our walk, we decided to head down to Park Avenue for a healthy lunch, and to do some window shopping, since that’s all we can afford to do at Park Ave, anyways 🙂 .

We chose Powerhouse Cafe for lunch, which is a great little Mediterranean-style pita and smoothie place.  I ordered a tuna pita melt, which was fabulous, but I refused to take a picture inside the cafe, due to the intimate seating and awkward silence all around us (my camera phone makes a really obnoxious and obvious noise).  I also ordered a strawberry and banana smoothie.

We took our smoothies to-go, and sipped them while walking down the Ave.

We stopped and sat on a bench in the park for a little while, doing some people watching.

Or shrub watching.

We decided to stop in one of my favorite stores…Williams Sonoma!  We walked around and pretended to be registering for fancy shmancy things, although we both know the bulk of our wedding gifts are most likely coming from good ol’ Target.

I was extra-excited to peruse the coffee-maker selections.  I’ve added “fancy latte maker” to my “must-haves”  list for nursing school.  And life.

Apparently, my dream can be realized all for the small price tag of…

On second thought, my $7 Walmart coffee-maker will probably work just fine.

I also spotted the perfect tool to seduce Corey into helping me in the kitchen.

Darth Vader spatulas!

We came home and were greeted by one very excited pup, along with her new boyfriend, Mr. Moose.

Welcome Home! You may have my moose!

I got hungry after all that walking, so I made a little snack.  A healthified version of my favorite fatty indulgence, cheese fries.

I heated up a small plate of sweet potato fries from the night before, and melted a slice of meunster cheese on top.


Later on, we showered and got ready, and then went to the night-time church service.  Afterwards, we got into a heated debate about where to eat dinner.  Proving that relationships are all about compromise, I ended up at Pei Wei.

I normally despise this place, but I ended up finally making a good choice off the menu.  I went with the tofu and vegetable fried rice, and it was actually pretty good!

We also shared two vegetable spring rolls.

And, of course, a fortune cookie.

A few extras may have ended up in my purse…

To round out our little date, we decided to get some fro-yo.

My cup included:

  • White Chocolate Mousse fro-yo
  • Espresso fro-yo
  • Golden Grahams
  • Brownie pieces
  • Rainbow sprinkles
We sat and ate by the lake, enjoying my favorite view:

I love our neighborhood.

Now, it’s back to the grind of the week.  Only 2 weeks left in the semester!

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  1. Looks like a lovely Sunday!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. […]  I also had a big orange on the side. Lunch Monday’s lunch came in the form of leftover Pei Wei from Sunday night.  Vegetable and tofu fried rice: Yesterday’s lunch came in parts.  I came home from my […]

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