Healthy Recipes to Keep You Fit and Fabulous

I ❤ Saturday.


Saturday morning seems to always call for pancakes!  I made a cinnamon oatmeal version.

I combined 1 cup of Fiber One Pancake Mix with 1/2 cup uncooked oats, two teaspoons cinnamon, and water.  I served my pancakes with sliced strawberries, and a drizzle of sugar-free syrup.


After digesting for a little while, we got into our workout clothes and headed to BodyPump.  May I just say…this class killed us.  The instructor was amazing, but she had pretty much everyone in the class begging for mercy by the end.  I’m feelin’ it today!

After class, Corey convinced me to go “shoot hoops” with him.  I obviously did more observing than shooting, unless shooting pictures counts.

I did give a few shots my best effort.

Corey often loses sleep worrying about the athleticism of our future children.  They’re pretty much doomed, thanks to me.


We came home and I made a plate of leftover tofu and stir fry veggies from yesterday.  Corey gave the tofu a try and he also really liked it!

We quickly finished lunch and headed down to the pool for an hour or two.  It was a gorgeous day!

We changed and went our separate ways to run errands.  Corey got a haircut, and I picked up a few groceries I needed for a little get-together later on.

We invited Austin and Laura to come over and watch the Magic game with us before going downtown for a party.  I always tease them because Corey and I have more…let’s call it “advanced”…palates, while Austin and Laura tend to enjoy simpler foods.  Think cheeseburgers, chicken fingers and french fries.  I always worry that they won’t like the food I make, so I decided to base the menu around what I knew they liked.  I didn’t give in completely, though- I healthified their favorite meal; chicken fingers and french fries!

I bought two packages of chicken tenders, and marinated them.  Some went into a container with Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce, and the rest were marinated in Kraft Vidalia Onion Dressing.  I hired my professional tender-breader to help with the rest:

Corey rolled the tenders in Panko breadcrumbs, layed them on a cookie sheet, sprayed them each with non-stick spray, and then placed them in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.

I served sweet potato fries alongside the chicken fingers.  They were a hit!

Almost forgot to snap a pic!

To make the chicken fingers you need:

1-2 packages boneless, skinless chicken tenders (2 packages made 12)

2 cups Panko breadcrumbs

1 cup Kraft Vidalia Onion Marinade OR

1 cup Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce

non-stick spray

For appetizers, I layed out some blue (for the Magic!) corn chips and salsa, and I also whipped up this highly complex recipe:

It’s not a party until somebody breaks out the Rotel dip!  I served that with Tostitos Multi Grain Scoops, to even it out 😉 .

The Spread

Note to Self: Register for party serving sets.  Embarrassing.

To drink, I enjoyed Corey’s favorite beer, Magic Hat #9, also in honor of the Magic:

I also had a glass of wine with Laura:

Corey and I:

When the game was over, we headed downtown.  Originally, we had planned to go to a place that was throwing a party for several of Corey’s former football teammates who are now in the NFL (and may or may not have won this year’s Superbowl 🙂 ), but we ended up meeting a bunch of our friends at The Attic, which was slightly less crowded. It was still sufficiently sweaty inside, as evidenced by my shiny face.


I spent most of the night laughing my face off at Austin, who spent most of his night sitting next to the DJ on stage for no reason.


According to Austin, the DJ swore that he would play at our wedding for free if Austin could successfully “hype up the crowd” during Lil Wayne’s “A Millie”. I have a feeling that was  a lie.

On our walk back to the car, they stopped for pizza, which I somehow wasn’t invited to partake in.  Rude! Laura took a nap with her slice:

Shleepy Laura

She’s gonna punch me for that 🙂 .

All in all, it was a fun night with friends.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I totally hear you about the athleticism of your future children. My boyfriend is a lover of all-things basketball and is pretty good at it, to say the least! I played lacrosse in high school but was known by my family as “the non-athlete.” Whoops. At least you and Corey’s kids will look good though, right?!

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