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Dinner Surprise

Yesterday seemed to fly by!

I deemed yesterday “HOMEWORK DAY”.  I sat down at my desk at 11AM, and didn’t move until 5PM.  I got a ton of stuff done, which makes me feel a lot better about the quickly approaching end of the semester.


I’m officially out of smoothie ingredients, which meant the return of my favorite b-fast combo.  A toasted whole wheat bagel thin with peanut butter and banana slices, served with a side of sliced strawberries.


Sometimes, when I get in the “zone” of doing work, I forget about eating!  A rarity, but it happens.  Today was the perfect example of that, because my lunch was about as exciting as this:

I finished off the last (told you it would be gone by the next day!) of the Greek Orzo Salad.  I don’t know why I find it so hard to eat this off an actual plate.

I had plans to make a really healthy dinner, but then my handsome fiance walked through the door with an armful of to-go boxes, just for me!

His parents took him to dinner at Tibby’s while I was at class, and they were nice enough to order me a dinner to-go.  Corey picked out a chicken and rice dish with artichokes and sundried tomatoes (he knows me so well 🙂 ).

I served myself one of the chicken breasts and a portion of rice, and chopped it all up, like I always do:

It was so good.  I love the combo of artichokes and sundried tomatoes on anything.

When I called Corey earlier to see where he was, all he said was, “I’ll be home soon. I just ate my weight in shrimp ‘n’ grits.”  He brought home some of the infamous shrimp ‘n’ grits for me to try.

Maybe he meant “shrimp ‘n’ grease”? I had a bite, but it just wasn’t my kind of dish. Way too spicy!

When Corey and I had lunch at Tibby’s before, we noticed that every table was ordering beignets- a New Orleans traditional dessert- which is basically fried dough and powdered sugar. (Yes, I googled how to spell it.)  We didn’t order them while we were there, but Corey brought one home for me this time!

I popped it in the ‘wave for a few seconds, and it was to die for.  Fried + powdered sugar? Can’t go wrong.

What is your favorite to-go dinner from a restaurant? 

Comments on: "Dinner Surprise" (3)

  1. I make beignets every Sat am at the clamout in Sebastian. Anita Walker makes the dough and I cook them in moms electric skillet for about a minute, remove, shake a little powdered sugar on them and umm umm. Of course I can’t eat them now but If you want the recipe for the dough I will get it from Anita, it is very simple.

  2. Favorite to go item has to be the tuna sashimi from Bonefish. My LIVE lobsters just arrived!!! Larry, Lucretia. Lisbeth, and Louie are crawling around in the fridge as I type. No, they’re actually in net bags but they are lively!!! I looked up how to cook them and plan to eat 2 of them tonight. Will cook the others and save them for Daddy on Sunday. SO FUN! Now I know how all my lobstergram recipients felt!!! How did the microbiology exam go?

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