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Go Predators! I Guess…

Yesterday was my favorite kind of Saturday- filled with things to do!

I woke up feeling a little…crappy. We were supposed to go to BodyPump, but I knew that wasn’t happening for me.  Instead, I scarfed a whole wheat bagel thin topped with peanut butter and went back to sleep for several more hours until I awoke feeling good as new!  Carbs heal everything.


We decided to go to our favorite sushi place for lunch, Seito Sushi.  They have a great lunch special that we always enjoy.

I ordered the Kalbi Bento Box.  It came with marinated short ribs, half of a California roll, salad with ginger dressing, 3 fried dumplings, rice AND miso soup.  Score!

I was trying to be adventurous by ordering Kalbi, but that was a mistake.  The short ribs had bones in them, and it just wasn’t good.  Next time, I’ll stick with teryaki chicken or salmon with veggies.  Luckily, my great view made up for the gross meat 😉 .

After lunch, we came home and changed into our bathing suits and spent several hours by the pool.  Then, we got ready and our friends met us at our place to go downtown to watch the Orlando Predators, an arena football league, play.

Of course, it would be un-American to go to a football game and not get a huge beer.

In case anyone cares, the Predators won.  Honestly, none of us could decide if we really cared or not, either.

Afterwards, we were all starving, so we grabbed sandwiches from Jimmy John’s.

I split a Hunter’s Club (roast beef) with Corey, and topped my half with chips because I’m in Kindergarten.

We finished eating and then walked down the street to meet a bunch of our friends at The Attic, a bar that one of our friends opened.  For some reason, I didn’t take any pictures!  How unlike me…

Time for me to go attempt to convince Corey that watching The Masters all day is not an option for me.  I loathe golf.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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