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Fun Friday

I really enjoy Fridays.  I assume I’m not the only one?

For some reason, I look forward to Friday-morning workouts the most during the week.  I think I’m extra-motivated because I know I’ll most likely be consuming empty alcohol calories during the weekend at some point.  Hey, whatever motivation works, right?


I woke up and went straight to the gym for an early morning spin class.  I don’t know what happened to my favorite instructor, but this lady, to put it nicely, sucked.  Ya know the teacher’s voice in Charlie Brown movies? “Wah wah wah wah wah wah”?  Well, she has stopped teaching cartoon children and now teaches spinning at my gym.  I tried to ignore her monotone, completely unmotivational instructions, but I couldn’t.  Reallllly put a damper on my spinning experience!


After my workout, I came home and made an interesting yogurt bowl.

I topped a cup of 0% Plain Chobani Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup Kashi 7-Grain Puffs Cereal, and a sprinkle of cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa powder.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re usually out of food by Friday, so I have to get creative.


After spending a few hours at the pool and running some errands, I made a delicious salad.

I topped chopped Romaine and spinach with shaved carrot and leftover pork from my Pork Tacos.  I drizzled the last of the Green Sauce over top as dressing.

When Corey got home from work, we headed to CaddyShanks for some Happy Hour drinks.

I’ve never ordered champagne before, but I decided to have a glass after reading somewhere that it has less calories than wine or beer.  My parents have always said that I have champagne taste…on a beer budget. Good thing this champagne only cost $3…which I assume is how much they paid for the entire bottle.  That explains my headache this morning. Well, among other things, like a lot of wine.

After happy hour, we went to my friend Laura’s house.

Laura and I

Laura has a unique habit of chasing shots of tequila with food items.  Last night’s chaser-of-choice was vanilla icing.

I enjoyed several finger-fulls myself, minus the tequila.  I stuck to Chardonnay.

We met some of our friends at Knight Library.  Apparently, it seemed like a good idea to have a photoshoot with this guy:


At least I had the most awesome nails in the whole place!

How cool is that? They’re called Salon Effects by Sally Hansen, and they have a bunch of different prints.  I’m so trendy.

Hope you’re all having a fun weekend!

Comments on: "Fun Friday" (4)

  1. Hahaha! My parents always say that I have a champagne taste on a beer budget too! What sucks is that I don’t like beer or champagne… eeek! How was the Oak Leaf? I’ve seen that at WalMart for uber cheap and heard it actually wasn’t bad!

  2. The Oak Leaf was surprisingly really good! I’m really picky about Chardonnays and I always try to steer clear of the really cheap ones, but I will definitely buy it again!

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  4. […] had plans to go to a spin class yesterday, but then I remembered that the Charlie Brown instructor teaches the Friday class, so I decided against it.  Instead, I opted to go for a nice […]

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