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Illegally Blonde

Ever since I can remember, I have been, as my hair stylist puts it, “blonderexic”.

When I was little, I had platinum blonde hair.

Next thing I knew, I was fat and I had hair that I have always referred to as “mousy brown”.

What...a cutie.

What did I do to deserve THAT?!

In middle school, I was obsessed with the movie “Legally Blonde” starring Reese Witherspoon, so I started using Sun-In to achieve her amazing blonde hair.

NOT from Sun-In...

It did actually lighten up my hair, while also giving it a really awesome orange glow.

In 10th grade, my friend Tara’s mom offered to highlight my hair, and I’ve been illegally blonde ever since!

This brings me to the present.

I have been going to my hair stylist, Amber Roberson, ever since my sophomore year of college.  I can assure you, even if I move to Alaska, I will STILL be going to Amber for my hair.  She’s the best! Amber has helped me through the evolution of my hair through the years.

From platinum:

To low-lights:

From the “Posh”:

To long hair:

Yesterday, I made a much-needed trip to see Amber and get my freak-nasty roots covered up.  How adorable is her salon?!

If you live in the Orlando area, you must make an appointment with Amber and see for yourself the hair-magic she creates!  If you don’t live here, make an appointment and get on a plane.  Trust me.  You’ll feel like a celebrity, plus she’ll even make you a fabulous pink mimosa 🙂 . You can visit Amber’s blog here to make an appointment.

If anyone has a boyfriend or husband who tells you they “don’t understand” why you HAVE to get your hair done…show them this before and after:



After he gets his gag reflux under control from the first picture, he will probably hand you his wallet, pat you on the head and send you off to the salon for the day.

You’re welcome.


I made a toasted whole wheat bagel thin with peanut butter and banana slices sprinkled with cinnamon and a GIANT cup of coffee before heading out the door for the day:

After running some errands, I had time to kill before my appointment.  I knew I would be there for a few hours, so I stopped for a Chocolate Two Piece Bikini smoothie from Planet Smoothie:


After my hair was done, I came home and made a quick lunch, consisting of a leftover steak kabob that I turned into a wrap:

I topped the steak, onion and green pepper with Green Sauce and a slice of meunster cheese.

After I ate, I headed to my night class.  My professor dragged the class on forever, but I didn’t mind because I had a Google Reader filled with blogs to catch up on 🙂 . That’s what class is for, right?!


Corey was nice enough to make dinner.  When I was visiting home a few weeks ago, my mom gave me a bottle of Chardonnay, Lemon and Sage marinade:

Before I left for class, I placed four chicken cutlets in a tupperware with the marinade so it would be ready to go for Corey.

He baked the chicken at 400 degrees for 15 minutes:

While it cooked, he cooked whole wheat fettucine and drained it over a strainer filled with spinach leaves, so the spinach would wilt from the hot water and pasta:

He tossed the pasta and spinach with some more of the marinade, and that was it!

Comments on: "Illegally Blonde" (3)

  1. Your hair looks fabulous! What salon does Amber work at? I have found an awesome stylist in College Park who has done the same kind of transformation for my hair! (Only, I went the opposite direction–darker!)

  2. Thank you! She works at iStudio Salon on S. Orange Ave. It’s a really cool place!

  3. I want my marinade back. That looks deLISHious!!!!!!

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