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Winter Park Art Festival

What a great day!

The Florida heat has finally returned, and although I am positive that I’ll be sick of it by Monday, I’m not complaining about it today!

The morning did not start out on the productive note I was hoping for…I really wanted to make it to spin class this morning, but I was so tired when I woke up, I just couldn’t do it!  Ugh. I’m a failure!  My bed and all of it’s comfy-ness, mixed with the fact that I closed all the blinds in the apartment to make it feel like a dungeon, did not allow for very good odds that I would be getting out of bed before 10AM today.

Once I finally emerged from my cave, I made a delicious breakfast.


Isn’t that just a beautiful sight?  I toasted a Thomas’ Whole Wheat Bagel Thin, spread 1/2 tablespoon Skippy Natural Peanut Butter on top, and sliced a small banana on top of that.  I sprinkled it with cinnamon, and served some sliced strawberries on the side.  A perfect Saturday morning breakfast!


Corey and I eventually got our lazy butts to the gym, although, I definitely did not get in the sweat sesh I was originally planning on from spin class.  Instead, I hopped on an elliptical and got lost in a mentally-titillating episode of Real Housewives of Miami.  I love when exercise equipment has TV’s…it makes my workout fly by!  Before I knew it, 45 minutes had passed and I was nice and sweaty.  I contemplated a weights session, but Corey was ready to go, plus, we had plans for the rest of the day that I was excited to get to.

After our workout, we lounged by the pool for an hour or so, and I began reading a book I nabbed from my parents’ house: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey.

It’s a book about this guy’s addiction and struggles during rehab.  Not my usual girly love novel, but I like it, nonetheless!

We headed inside and showered, and then drove down to Park Avenue for the Winter Park Art Festival!  We go to the festival every year.  Most people probably go to look at the art.  I’m there for the food.  What else is new?


By the time we actually found a parking spot and got to the festival, it was already 3 o’clock, and I was famished!  I think we were delusional with hunger, because instead of being smart and eating “festival food” for lunch, we high-tailed it right into 310 Park South, one of our favorite restaurants, to grab something to eat.

We knew we were going to be eating all day, so we decided to split a meal.  310 is the home of my all-time favorite salad- the Seafood Salad- made with citrus-marinated shrimp, scallops and calamari.  That’s what I really wanted to order, but it’s definitely not enough to share, so, somehow, we ended up with this bad boy in front of us:


This was Corey’s fault, I swear!  We split a bleu cheeseburger and french fries, and I loved every greasy bite.

However, festivals cause my inner fat girl to kick into overdrive, so I still had one thing on my mind after lunch:



I love you.

Arepas are cornmeal patties with mozzarella cheese in the middle, fried on a big griddle to melty perfection.  The combo of sweet corn with salty cheese is out of this world.  Again, I loved every greasy bite.

Corey betrayed me and stopped for samples at an Oceanspray Cranberry Juice tent.  SICK!

Suspect is 6'3", last seen wearing grey shirt and blue shorts

Add cranberry juice to this list.  Totally forgot how much I hate to even look at it!

After lots of walking around and perusing the different interesting art tents, we got a little thirsty!  Using Foursquare, we saw that one of our favorite bars, called Circa, had a special for your first check-in:

Woo hoo!

Unfortunately, the waiter told us this special wasn’t valid during the festival.  Guess we’ll just have to come back to use it!  We ordered glasses of Chardonnay, anyways:

While sipping away, I discovered that Corey and I are total opposites when it comes to celebrities.  I am a celebrity freak.  I love to read about them, I love to pretend I know them, I love to be in the same vicinity as them…Corey, however, says that “they’re just people”, and gets zero excitement out of seeing them.  As we were sitting there, Corey nonchalantly says, “Oh, there’s Carrot Top.” What?! I turned my head just in time to see the Botox-ed comedian himself, walking right passed us.

I contemplated running after him for a picture, but I knew Corey would make me walk home if I did.

We had a second celebrity-sighting while looking at some art.  Again, nonchalantly, Corey said to me “Ryan Anderson is right next to you.”

This time, I didn’t even contemplate asking for a picture, because Corey would certainly shoot me on the spot for embarrassing him in front of an Orlando Magic player.

After some more walking and browsing, I spotted a new addition to the usual Park Avenue shops that I’ve become so accustomed to…Kilwin’s Ice Cream!

I had to stop in.

Then, I had to get at least a small cone of deliciousness!  Corey and I shared a small scoop of French Silk ice cream in a cake cone.

Calm down, Carly.

I feel like this picture truly embodies the fat girl rampage I experienced today.  When we were in line, I said to Corey that my inner fat girl was coming out because I wanted to eat everything in the whole freaking store, and he simply looked at me and said, “Inner?”


After the festival, we headed home to relax.  After a short nap, it was time for dinner!  We wanted to go somewhere that we could watch the basketball games, so we ended up at Smokey Bone’s.

On a side note, how sad would you be if your dog hugged you like this everytime she thinks you’re leaving her?

"Don't leave me!"

SO sad!

Anyways, the rampage continues!

Thank you to our friend, Buxton, for the fact that we can now never go to Smokey Bone’s without ordering the Chicken Chili Nachos for an appetizer.  They’re the only nachos that I can’t resist eating.


I was pretty full after our appetizer was finished, as should be expected after eating your body weight in chips and chili.

For my main meal, I ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork Cuban, with steamed broccoli as my side.

I made it through all the broccoli and 3/4’s of one half of the sandwich, and then I was dunzo.  The remaining 1/4 went into Corey’s mouth, and the other half went into a box and home with us.  It will more-than-likely be joining it’s 1/4-sized cousin in Corey’s stomach tomorrow.

On our way home, we made an emergency stop at CVS.  I ran out of my all-time favorite face wash/make-up remover that is undoubtedly handcrafted by angels:

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. OK, so it’s not really face wash at all, but for someone who hates washing their face at night, these are awesome!  A few swipes and all of your make-up, even tons of mascara, is completely cleaned from your face:


Can’t live without them!

We’re gonna see if we can find a good movie to watch, then it’s off to bed!  Have a great night!

Do you enjoy festival or fair food?  If so, what is your must-have treat?

Comments on: "Winter Park Art Festival" (4)

  1. First of all, once again you CRACK ME UP!!!! So that’s where my book went……you little crook. Do I like festival food?? DUH. What is better?? My fave? Probably a good ol’ gyro or souvlaki. CARROT TOP??!!! I love him!!!!! I def would have chased him and taken a pic. Corey needs to get over it. That’s just the way we’re made…… LOOOOOOVE YOU!!!!

    • Lol, shorry I’m not shorry!!! I figured you had probably read it already! Wait, who am I kidding, you’re not even done with the Twilight series and Kristen Stewart is like 37 years old by now.

      I TOTALLY wanted a gyro, too!!!! But I was definitely being judged by onlookers by that point, so I resisted.

      Apparently, Carrot Top lives in Winter Park, so maybe I’ll just sleep in his driveway and ask for a pic when he leaves again?!

      LOVE YOU!

  2. Haha, this was too funny! I am just like Corey in the sense that I could care less about celebrities…although there are a few that I would scream over if I did see them! And I seriously DETEST washing my face at night too! I’ve been looking for something that is effective that’s a wipe…I may just have to try those! (BTW, The Body Shop has some tea tree oil wipes that were AWESOME on my face! $$ though!)

  3. […] dinner, I was really excited to try a new dessert discovery!  Last night, when I stopped in at CVS, Corey asked me to grab some ice cream.  I got him some regular ice […]

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