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Spring Break Success

Well, we actually went on a successful mini Spring Break trip!  I didn’t think it was gonna happen for us this year.

We woke up yesterday morning and got in a quick workout before packing an overnight bag, grabbing some breakfast, and heading out the door for Cocoa Beach!

I was too excited for our trip, so I was kind of lazy in the gym.  I did an easy 20 minutes on the stationary bike at 5.0 resistance, and then I hopped on the treadmill and ran a mile at a 1.0 incline.  My workout can be found here.



I polished off the last of my Chobani 0% Vanilla Greek Yogurt for breakfast.  We’re running low on groceries, so there weren’t any fun mix-ins for me to enjoy.

We drove for about 45 minutes before making it to Cocoa.  When we arrived, it was around lunch time, so we stopped in at a Subway to grab a sandwich before hitting the beach.


I ordered a 6-inch Turkey on Wheat, toasted with provolone cheese, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers and honey mustard!  My fav. I’ve always said that Subway should introduce an 8-inch sub.  Sometimes I just want two more bites!

After eating, we went to a place called Coconuts on the Beach.  We got some drinks and then walked down to the beach to lay out in the sun (with plenty of SPF on!).  I had been seriously craving a tropical frozen drink, similar to the ones I pretty much had for breakfast, lunch and dinner while on Spring Break in Key West last year:

Sissy's with Frozen Drinks!


Even though I know exactly how many calories are contained in one innocent little Pina Colada (between 400-600?!), I ordered one anyway!


Hey, I'm on vacation!

Our friends, Austin, Laura, Tyler, Meredith and Megan were at a different part of the beach, so we left our spot to go meet up with them.  As it turns out, Megan was nice enough to lend everyone her mom’s R.V. for the trip, so that’s where we found everyone hanging out!



Laura’s the only one who ever wants to participate in my picture-taking.  Thanks, Laur!

I caught Meredith and Tyler sleeping in a chair:



We made some drinks and then walked down to the beach to hang out:


Bathing Beauties

Austin and I discovered that we both share a future aspiration for our retirement to become this guy:

Just livin' the dream...

I have always wanted a metal detector!  I used to ask for one for Christmas every single year.  I guess my parents were trying to save me from some sort of embarrassment, because I never got one, but I will own one of these things one day!

After some fun in the sun, we all showered and headed into the RV to relax and play some games before dinner.  You can imagine my horror when Meredith suggested we play Catch Phrase again…however, I’m happy to report that Corey and I did much better this time around!  Even so, Tyler decided to keep it friendly and not keep track of the score.


DUH, WINNING! (Thank you, Charlie Sheen)

That’s a ridiculous suggestion, so in case anyone is wondering…we won.  🙂

All that winning made us hungry, so we all changed and headed out to dinner.  We went to a place that Megan suggested, called Fish Lips!  Corey and I shared the smoked fish dip for an appetizer:


Fish Dip

Anytime we go to a seafood restaurant or a place near the beach, you can bet that I’m ordering fish dip.

For my main meal, I decided on something that I thought was very interesting- a Fish Reuben Sandwich!


Fish Reuben

It included yellowfin tuna, topped with all the normal fixin’s on a Reuben.  Reubens are actually one of my absolute favorite foods, so this was a really exciting find for me!  Not to mention, it was delicious.  I ate half and boxed up the other half to eat later, but somehow it went missing at the end of the night.  Hmm…



Here’s a picture of the whole gang at dinner:


Party People

After we finished eating, we did a little bar hopping, listened to live music, and danced the night away.  Well, Laura and I danced the night away, much to the enjoyment of several bystanders who were amused by our lack of dance skills.  Oh, and Laura taught me a really effective way to get a drink from the bar:


Excuse me, I have a question here!

Juuuust raise your hand.  Like you’re in a classroom.  Bartenders can’t resist!

After a long walk home, Austin and Corey were clearly feeling outdoorsy, so they hung out in the trees like little spider monkeys while Laura and I chatted.


Shirtless Monkey?

Monkey #2

We had a great time with our friends, and we were definitely happy to have one last mini Spring Break trip for the books!

What is your favorite tropical drink?  (Even if it’s not low-calorie!)

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