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Yesterday was full of fun activities! We were really excited to go to our neighborhood’s Chili Cook Off, which we found out about last week.  We woke up semi-early and I made breakfast for Corey and I:


Nothing surprising here- egg sandwiches were on the menu.  I’m officially sick of this breakfast, and I will definitely be buying new and exciting ingredients for this week’s breakfasts!

After breakfast, our friends Austin and Laura came over, and we decided to walk to the Cook Off, since it was just down the street.

This turned out to be the worst decision of the day.  It was really hot outside, so Laura and I were pouring sweat by the time we got to the event!  It may have had something to do with the fact that I felt an intense need to sport cowboy boots, which made me sweat even more.  The things I do for fashion.

When we got there, we drank beer and sampled some fabulous chilis!  One of my favorites included a white chicken chili, which I actually didn’t think I would like, but it was awesome!  Everyone got gold coins when they came in that they were supposed to give it to the tent with their favorite chili to vote for them to win.  Laura and I gave our gold coins to Fat Boy’s Chili, which was great- good flavors and spice, and they had all different toppings to add to it.

Official Samplers

"Cuz we're the four best friends that anyone could ever haaaave...!"

It was hot, but we still decided to sit down and listen to one of the bands that was playing for a little while.


We headed home after an hour or so at the Cook Off, and decided to go to Laura’s house to lay by the pool for a while.  We picked up some lunch on our way from good ol’ Panera:


Sad Soup

I ordered a “You Pick 2” with french onion soup and a Greek salad.  I was born with naturally impeccable hand-eye coordination, but still managed to drop my soup in the parking lot.  Laura was able to rescue it in time so that I still had half of it left to eat.

After an hour or two by the pool, we went to our friend Tyler’s house to hang out.  An intense game of Catch Phrase ensued.  Yes, I realize that I sound 80-years-old right now.  As Tyler put it, first-time Catch Phrase is a big relationship test for couples.  Basically, Corey and I suck at this game and I was not happy about it, especially when the word he got was “fishy”, and the best way he could think of to explain that to me was to say “We catch ____ in my backyard with a _____”… pole?  How would FISHING POLE make me say the word FISHY?!  All he had to say was “Something smells ____” FISHY!!!!!

Still a little heated about this.

My favorite was when Meredith’s word for Tyler was “Rapunzel” and he almost had it, but he just kept yelling “PUNZERELLA!! PUNZERELLA!!”

We snacked on some chips and dip:

And by “snacked”, I mean I ate about 3/4’s of the dip by myself.

After some embarrassing losses, Corey and I hung our heads in shame and left these winning couples to pick up our friend Jah at the airport.

Gloating Laura, shy Meredith, cocky Austin and 5-year-old Tyler

Jah spent the week at the NFL Combine, and we had fun admiring all of his swag:

We made plans to go downtown with a group of our friends.  Since we had a long night ahead of us, Corey was nice enough to pick this up for me:

Who needs 5 Hour Energy when you can have 6 Hour Power?  He said he thought I could use the extra hour.

We headed downtown for a fun night of drinks and dancing at a place called The Lodge.

I'm Special

It’s all fun and games until the kid who’s driving you home has no idea where he parked the car and you walk around the entire city until 4AM.  My feet hurt.

I just noticed that I may or may not have Tweeted lyrics of a song to Drake, so I’m gonna go delete that and then go enjoy the last day of the weekend!  I don’t want it to end! *Note to Self: Must stop Tweeting celebrities while intoxicated*

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