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Hittin’ the Pavement

Today was another one of those “should we or shouldn’t we” mornings.  We set our alarm for 8AM, and ended up sleeping til 9:30AM.  After both of us threw out a few excuses as to why it was OK if we didn’t work out, we told each other to shut up and we laced up our sneakers.  Corey and I headed outside to the loop around our neighborhood for a sunny, somewhat-breezy, 2.5 mile run.

Thumbs up for no make-up pictures!

After our run, I grabbed us some coffee and made breakfast.  I have to be honest, after last night’s less-than-healthy dinner, I woke up in the middle of the night with really bad heartburn, and I felt heavy and gross this morning.  To help get my bod back on track, I made a healthy breakfast:

I defrosted 1/2 cup of broccoli in the microwave, chopped it up and added it to a skillet with 2 eggwhites for a broccoli scramble!

I topped it off with some ketchup, because I can’t even consider eating eggs without it, and I dug in!

Now, I’m off to bury my nose in this:

Yay. After that, it’s off to class for the rest of the day.  Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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