Healthy Recipes to Keep You Fit and Fabulous

When I first began the adventure of starting my blog, I set out to have the focus be completely on the recipes I create.  I wanted to teach people how easy it is to make healthy meals every night.  After I started my blog, I started coming across other people’s blogs and began reading them daily.  I have to say, it’s quite an addiction!  There is just something so intriguing and inspiring about reading the blogs that people update daily with their workouts, recipes, and just simple recollections of their daily routine.  Maybe this sounds weird to some people, but I think that anyone who has a big interest in health and fitness and needs that little extra motivation to keep them on the right track would LOVE reading a health and fitness blog!

Therefore, I have decided to turn “Cooking With Carly” into a health and fitness blog.  I will still keep a large focus on my healthy recipes, because that is my passion and the part of this blog that I think is the most important.  However, I am going to be updating daily, including pictures and posts about each meal decision I make, whether I create it myself or not, and I will also be updating my new page, entitled “Workout Log” with my daily exercise routines.  I think this will serve as a great motivator not just for my readers, but for myself!

I am excited about this new challenge, and I hope you all enjoy reading my daily life! (Hopefully, I’m not too boring!)

Let’s get started!

Breaking Out of the Workout Rut

For the last year, Corey and I have made it a big priority to get our butts to the gym every morning.  We both got gym memberships last year, and we somehow managed to wake up at least 5 days a week at 6am to go work out!  After we moved to our new apartment, we both landed full-time jobs and easily fell into a great routine of hitting the gym together at 7:30am, showering at home and then going our separate ways for the work day.  However, after I was laid off and Corey switched to a part-time job, we decided to cancel our gym memberships and utilize the smaller gym that our apartment complex has to offer.  We have been doing this since October, and while it has worked out well for us, we’ve been getting into a workout rut lately.  For some reason, it has become impossible to wake up before 8:00am and walk 10 steps to the gym!  How ridiculous, right?  Well, we decided last night that we are lazy bums no more!  We mustered up some new motivation, and got to the gym this morning for what we like to refer to as a “crush sesh”.

My workout can be found in the workout log!


The one thing I absolutely adore about my apartment complex is that there is a big, expensive, high-quality coffee machine in the lobby, offering free coffee to residents. So, I begin every morning with these two best buds:

"People let me tell ya 'bout my beeeeest frieeeend!"

My pink coffee thermos from Bed, Bath and Beyond and Coffeemate’s Sugar-Free Hazelnut Creamer.  Heavenly.

After my workout, I munched on a Golden Delicious apple and a wedge of Laughing Cow French Onion Cheese.

After my post-workout snack, I tackled the daunting task of studying for my Microbiology exam, which I have to take tonight.  It was just me and this guy for several boring hours today:

It was a gorgeous day outside, so I started to feel the call of the sun and fabulous pool that our complex has.  Around 2PM, I finally gave in.  I headed outside with my study guide and flashcards like an uber-nerd and layed in the sun for an hour or so.  The pool has been really crowded the last couple of days due to the finally-Floridian weather we’ve been having.  Because of this fact, also because I am not a tool, I opted to not be the girl at the pool taking pictures of herself.  I found this old poolside photo of me laying around, so it will have to do:

"Oh, hi!"


Oh, wait…I could’ve sworn that was me!

Anyways, after my hard day of work I came inside for an extremely random lunch.

After I put my lunch together, I kind of realized why I have never documented my breakfasts and lunches in the past. Because they’re WEIRD.

I inspected the fridge and came to the realization that we pretty much had nothing good to eat.  I heated up a bowl of leftover Whole Grain Hamburger Helper, to which I previously added some frozen broccoli and ground turkey.  The portion I heated was really just all the broccoli and a few bites of noodles and turkey.  I then added a healthy serving of broccoli slaw, and topped it off with 1 1/2 tablespoons of my favorite dressing- Makoto’s Ginger Dressing.

It was strangely…delicious.


...+ Slaw...

...+ Dressing...

= Delish!

Well, I’m off to go ACE my Microbiology exam!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever made for lunch?

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