Healthy Recipes to Keep You Fit and Fabulous

In high school, I never ate breakfast.  In fact, I never really ate lunch either (well, if boys were around…I was so weird). It would always really annoy me when adults would gasp in horror after I revealed that I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and, as if on cue, they would say, “but breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” I would probably roll my eyes, and then when 4 o’clock rolled around, go stuff my face with Ramen noodles and Bagel Bites.

Now that I’m much older and wiser ;), I agree with those nagging words- breakfast truly is important, for so many reasons!  Without breakfast, your metabolism is at a halt from the night before, and basically, the first thing you put in your mouth later in the day is stored as fat.  Secondly, it is a proven fact that people who eat breakfast are able to curb their cravings for bad foods at lunchtime, and they are more alert and more satisfied throughout the day.  You don’t have to eat as soon as you wake up- I never eat in the morning before going to the gym because I get cramps easily, so I wait until I get home.  The best way to ensure you will eat that morning meal is to have healthy and easy recipes on hand, ready to go!

I have to give full credit to my favorite blogger of all time, Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, for the inspiration for my new favorite breakfast- a simple egg sandwich!  Julie can often be found blogging about these delicious little sandwich creations of hers, and they really are the perfect breakfast.  Thanks, Julie!

Breakfast Sandwich

Servings: 1


1 egg, or 2 egg whites

1 Nature’s Own Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin

1 Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge



Bye bye, evil yolk!

Cook the egg.  It’s always better to eat just the eggwhite, but sometimes I really miss the flavor the yolk brings.  Corey taught me this trick this morning: halfway through cooking sunny side up, you pop the yolk and separate half of it from the eggwhite and throw it away.  That way you still get some flavor, but half the cholesterol and calories!

Toast the sandwich thin and spread each side with the cheese.

Put the egg inside and enjoy your breakfast sandwich!


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